Michigan State or Michigan?

Who’s the better team?¬†Rivaling members of our Saginaw staff and patients dressed up to support their favorite Michigan teams! (Go green!)¬†?


Who do you want to win this weekend? Our staff dressed up in the attire of who they want to win!

Pumpkin Giveaway!

In honor of our new pediatric autism center, featuring ABA services, PT, OT, and Speech, we will be doing a fun giveaway for the kids! This is open to the … Read More

Fun Friday Hat Day!

Fun Friday! Hat Day! Today Paramount Rehab’s staff wore our favorite baseball hats!

Fun Friday! Tie-Dye Day

Fun Friday! Today Paramount Rehab’s staff and patients wore their favorite tie-dye shirts for our fun friday dress up day!

Summer Child’s Bike Giveaway!

We will be giving away a child’s bike! Bike will be purchased specifically based upon the age and gender of the child once we know who the winner is! Promotion … Read More

Fun Friday- Memorial Day

Today the staff and patients at Paramount Rehab wore red, white and blue to show their love for those who have died while serving for our country. Have a happy … Read More